Saturday, August 20, 2011

Smith's heater core for a Maserati

So its time for pebble beach again and one of our very good customers is a regular there. One of his entries is a 1966 Maserati fully restored and ready to be sold. One of the parts that needed attention was the heater core. This core is a round cylinder style that is not manufactured any more at least not the original style tube configuration.
                   This is how the old one looked

                      This is whats available

So what to do? There is no fixing the original one as it looked like a lawn sprinkler when tested and the metal is so old and thin the more we work on it the worse it gets. In this model the heater core protrudes from the lower middle of the dash board between the driver and passenger so it very visible and needs to look original.
The first thing we did was to trim the new fins down to size.
Then we cut off the outer 1/4 inch layer of the original heater making sure not to damage it in the process then we soldered it to the new core from the inside.
Here is is finished. We didn't have to go all the way around the heater as it wasn't exposed.

Here is a double shot of the original and the donor core, as it turns out it fit perfectly and looked as it did the day it was made. Our customer is very happy and looking forward to pebble beach and a pocket full of money from the sale of this beautiful old classic.

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