Saturday, August 27, 2011

Offenhauser 1950's racer Custom Radiator

This is a 1950'S Offenhauser Indy racer radiator that came from one of our customers. This is an original radiator with a V-Cell construction that is not manufactured any more. Also this construction's not the best for heat transfer. Notice the dip in the top of the radiator?This was from a accident that happened during a race we will not be reconstructing the dip.
Our customer wants a better cooling package so we are building them an aluminum radiator. Here the aluminum core is setting next to the original radiator for comparison.
This core is used in oil cooler applications and we have adopted it in many of our automotive and heavy truck radiators. The tube wall is much thicker than in the standard radiator version, and the header plate is about 1/8 inch thick which makes for a much stronger radiator over all.
The layout for the inlet tank (the one with the two hose connections) had some unique bends in it and was a challenge to create.

As always we welded these tanks inside and out.
Here is one shot of the finished radiator.

The heat transfer that this radiator will be able to produce verses the original V-Cell will be huge. I would venture to guess that our customer will see a 100-200% increase in cooling performance helping the newly rebuild and restored racer back to it's former glory.
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  3. I would love to get a custom radiator for my truck. I like drawing inspiration for how to make my truck better from past cars. I've been interested in doing some old car restorations as well. I like the way you recreated this old radiator.
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  4. How old does a radiator have to be until it's too old to repair and use in a car? My dad's old radiator has been running really smoothly until recently. It's been running for over thirty years. It seems like it can be fixed, but I'm not sure if that radiator is too old to use anymore.