Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The best radiator available

Do you know how to choose the right radiator for your car, truck, heavy equipment ? There are many options when choosing the right radiator to cool your application. Having a freind in the radiator business that knows what they are doing is key. In this post I will explain what a MX style core is and why its better than the average off the shelf radiator.
The above photo shows two radiators side by side one is a four row and the other is a three row. Do you know which  one will cool better? If you guessed the four row you would be very mistaken. The three row pictured will cool 30-40% better than the four row. Why is that? Well things to consider in the equation are size of tubes, fin count, tube spacing, fin construction.

In the above picture the core on the right is the MX high performance radiator core. Look at how many tubes there are in comparison to the standard core on the right, there are 4.5 tubes on the right core per every 2 inches verses 6 tubes on the left. This means more tubes to carry more fluid.

Here is the MX radiator core on the right notice the tubes are wider 5/8 inch verses 1/2 inch and there are more of them closer together than the standard core. Wider tubes means more surface area of the liquid is being cooled.

Next variant is fins per inch, the standard core usualy has 12 fins per inch, where the MX core has as many as 16 fins per inch.
 So the heat from your engine is transferred by the liquid in your cooling system to the radiator through the tubes, to the fins and away from the radiator by moving air across the fins. More and bigger tubes, better fin count and tube spacing all play a role in how a radiator transfers heat.
There are many other types of radiator cores and construction types that are made for specific applications. A earth mover has a different core than a conventional automobile and so does a large over the road truck. Picking a good radiator shop with a knowledgeable staff can help you cool off your vehicle. Call an expert for advise when it comes to cooling systems. We are here to help and love to answer your questions.