Sunday, February 27, 2011

Don't try to line a gas tank yourself

This fuel tank is out of an early model show car 1930's-1940's vintage. It looked fantastic from the outside, high gloss black paint, very smooth for an old tank. The complaint was it was clogging up fuel filters so the customer sent it to us to clean out.
This is what we found inside after the tank went through our boil out tank. That is tank liner coming off in sheets plugging up the fuel system. Also the outside was full of bondo (no wonder it looked so good!)
 This is a shot inside the tank itself the brownish white is the liner peeling away from the tanks inner surface (this would not have happened if this was done by a professional and had been cleaned and prepped properly). This is a white variety of tank liner that sells over the counter and that leads me to believe this tank was done by a novice.

This tank has two baffles in it to keep the fuel from sloshing about. That also makes it hard to clean and almost impossible to get liner out of. The choice now with this tank is to build the customer a new one.
We used thick material for this build 12gauge. After the tank has been welded together and pressure tested we lined it to keep the rust out.

And here we have the finished tank ready for install. Please if you are thinking of getting your gas tank cleaned and lined don't try to do it yourself it will cost you money in the long run. We don't line tanks unless we have to and a lot of tanks don't really need lining, only a qualified person who has experience in tank restoration can make that call.
If you have any questions or need help with your fuel system please give us a call we are always glad to help. David

Monday, February 21, 2011

Industrial Gen-Set Recore

This radiator belongs to the Local NAVEL Station here in San Diego. After we picked this radiator up for service and found that the sea air did the worst and rotted the fins and tubes in the core.

Notice how I can stick my finger into the fins of this core. You shouldn't be able to do this. So this means that as long as the tanks and side straps are in good shape we can recore this unit saving our military thousands of dollars on a new radiator.

 This is a before and an after on the radiator tanks and side straps. They get sanded down prepped and a fresh coat of protective paint is applied.

Here is a good before and after on the completed radiator core.
I would guess that this job saved the customer $5,000.00 - $9,000.00 dollars. Maybe we can help you with you heavy duty industrial radiator? Call us or visit our web site. We are always glad to answer questions and help out how ever we can. We are cooling system professionals that have dedicated our lives to our chosen profession, we strive to be of service the best way we know how.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sugar in your gas tank

Ever had someone tell you that you can get back at someone by putting sugar in their fuel tank of there car?
Well it can stop the car from running by plugging up fuel lines but sugar really doesn't dissolve in gasoline.
Here is the poisoned fuel tank. Notice the sugar on the cardboard. Does it look like it dissolved to you? This tank was sent to the shop by one of our customers in a dealership.
Looks like someone was mad at this person they used close to five pounds of sugar, this is what we pulled out and there was more where that came from. After we pulled out as much of the offending substance as we could the next step is to dunk the fuel tank in our hot caustic tank and that cleans the rest of it up.
The fuel sending unit we sent back and instructed the customer to replace it as we couldn't guarantee the cleanliness of the sock filter there on the end or if the fuel pump that is also part of the apparatus would function and pump fuel like it is supposed to.
If this happens to you and you believe that someone sabotaged your fuel tank, don't drive or start the car as this can move the sugar crystals around and will make a bigger mess to clean up. Call your local radiator shop for assistance, or contact us we are always happy to lend a hand. David

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Industrial Intercooler

This is a intercooler off of a large over the road truck. We routinely clean, repair and recondition these as part of our daily work flow. This one was sent to us with the complaint that it was plugged up.

We start off by using a saws all to cut the tank off of the cooler as we couldn't get water to flow through.

Our shop does lots of coolers and this one has to be one of the worst I've seen.

It was so plugged up that we couldn't clean it with out destroying it in the process. It looked like the oil in the system had turned to carbon, it was a plastic like compound. This cooler had to be replaced.
Have a question? Give us a call we are glad to help out.