Saturday, August 27, 2011

Beware of BAD ADVICE !!

Tonight I was surfing the internet looking at other automotive repair blogs.  I'm interested in being a contributing blogger.  I came across a guy on Squidoo via a Google search that writes a "how to fix your car/ask questions blog'" 

I found an article he had written on A/C repair.  I was trying to keep an open mind but by the second paragraph I could tell he had very little experience in the automotive A/C repair field.  He had nice pictures of various A/C parts and an explanation of what they did, but some of his theory was faulty and sounded like he copied straight from a book.  He points out an ad for A/C sealant saying you should only use this when necessary....REALLY A/C sealant??  No A/C repair tech worth his salt tells a customer to use SEALANT in their refrigeration system!  First of all, it doesn't work, secondly, it plugs up the very thing in the system that causes it to cool (namely the orifice). 

Being in the industry for over 33 years and specializing in cooling systems, I find this scary and unacceptable. There were a lot of positive responses on his blog too from lay people who don't know any better. So this guy in his blue and white striped shirt is feeding my potential customers BAD ADVICE!  This is right up there with the creeps who sell people belts and hoses that they don't need.  As they say in the computer biz "garbage in-garbage out." 

Please don't try and help if you don't know what you're talking about.  Just because a guy has a website and gives out free information, doesn't mean he has the experience to back it up.  I get customers in my shop that come in after researching on the internet.  By the time they get to me they believe they know it all and aren't open to my advice  They end up walking away angry if I disagree with them.

Need advice?  We can give you experienced help.

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