Monday, October 3, 2011

Why you shouldn't line your own gas tank

Now this looks like your ordinary truck fuel tank but its not this tank has a flaky secret.
  This fuel  tank  has been lined. You can see the liner there in my hand. In some areas its coming off and some places in the tank it is still well in place. A tank thats been lined if done correctly will last for years (I know I have had tanks that I lined over 20 years ago still in good shape) but if you use the wrong type of liner or don't prep it right this happens.
This is a shot inside of the tank the liner on the right is still adhered to the surface but on the left its falling off.
So now what to do? Well we run the fuel cell through a hot tank and pressure wash it, then what ever is left on the surface gets burned off with a very large torch. Then we prep and re-seal the tank.
The kits you buy over the counter that claim all you have to do is run 2 or 3 chemicals through your tank then seal it and it will last for ever are all wet as far as I'm concerned, every one that I've seen that someone did them selves and didn't have any experience didn't end up well. They would bring it to us and we would give them the sad and expensive news.

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