Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sugar in your gas tank

Ever had someone tell you that you can get back at someone by putting sugar in their fuel tank of there car?
Well it can stop the car from running by plugging up fuel lines but sugar really doesn't dissolve in gasoline.
Here is the poisoned fuel tank. Notice the sugar on the cardboard. Does it look like it dissolved to you? This tank was sent to the shop by one of our customers in a dealership.
Looks like someone was mad at this person they used close to five pounds of sugar, this is what we pulled out and there was more where that came from. After we pulled out as much of the offending substance as we could the next step is to dunk the fuel tank in our hot caustic tank and that cleans the rest of it up.
The fuel sending unit we sent back and instructed the customer to replace it as we couldn't guarantee the cleanliness of the sock filter there on the end or if the fuel pump that is also part of the apparatus would function and pump fuel like it is supposed to.
If this happens to you and you believe that someone sabotaged your fuel tank, don't drive or start the car as this can move the sugar crystals around and will make a bigger mess to clean up. Call your local radiator shop for assistance, or contact us we are always happy to lend a hand. David